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Winona LaDuke 

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Winona LaDuke is an American environmentalist, economist, and writer, known for her work on tribal land claims and preservation, as well as sustainable development. In 1985 she helped found the Indigenous Women’s Network.


She worked with Women of All Red Nations to publicize American forced sterilization of Native American women. LaDuke is the author of a number of non-fiction titles including All Our Relations, The Winona LaDuke Reader, Recovering the Sacred: the Power of Naming and Claiming, Food is Medicine: Recovering Traditional Foods to Heal the People and her latest, The Militarization of Indian Country.  


Outspoken, engaging, and unflaggingly dedicated to matters of ecological sustainability, Winona LaDuke is a powerful speaker who inspires her audiences to 
action and engagement.

“Winona, the mother of Nanabozhoo, a Dakota princess who leapt from a cliff in sorrow, the first born daughter of many Native families, who remember these women, she is here. Today thousands of women are Winonas throughout Native communities and beyond. We would like to celebrate this name for First Born Daughters, celebrate the power of creating great beings and celebrate strong hearts and love. ”


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