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Panel Discussions

Thought-provoking panel discussions that delve into topics often considered difficult or vulnerable, exploring the empowering potential of creativity. We'll explore how personal creativity drives societal progress and shapes narratives, highlighting its profound impact on broader societal changes.

These discussions will cover topics that are often considered difficult or vulnerable, enabling deeper exploration of emotions, historical expressions, the transformative nature of pain, creativity, societal norms. Moderated by inspiring individuals, these discussions will feature a diverse panel of women and non-binary participants, fostering enriching conversations.

Panel discussions are often accompanied by artworks showcasing a series of vibrant portraits of influential women who have challenged societal norms, thereby shifting paradigms in society.

They're hold in various locations, see other pages for information about each panel.

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To promote open dialogue and give voice to a broader range of perspectives about creativity and its impact on individuals and collectives.

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