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Frida Kahlo 

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Frida was a great Mexican painter best known for her self-portraits. She combined traditional Mexican folk art with surrealism, making her paintings a symbolic form of self-expression. 

Frida began to focus heavily on painting while recovering in a body cast. In her lifetime, she had over 30 operations. Her paintings tackle infertility, gender equality, miscarriages, heartbreak and sickness. During the 1900s, female experiences were private—but Frida publicized miscarriages, pregnancy, menstruation, operations, breastfeeding, infertility and sexual organs. Her paintings may seem disturbing at first, but they embody the challenges of being a woman.

Frida transformed the word “different” to “normal.”


To this day, her work and her legacy attract artists, as well as diverse groups such as feminists, gays, lesbians, communists, patients, the emotionally hurt and the politically active.

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